Recognizing that policy management and governance requires a dynamic approach, CMI works in diverse ways to highlight challenges faced by the common man and the possible solutions to it.

Common Man Stories

Limited access to education and socio-economic class polarization has excluded many in Pakistan from having an opportunity to voice their grievances. CMI believes that lessons of wisdom, error and growth can be learned by all those willing to teach and share their experiences. [Read More]

Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

Pakistan is home to men and women who pursue their dreams to achieve the impossible. From international cyclist to Indie musicians, filmmakers and social workers- many have made Pakistan proud without receiving the due acclaim. [Read More]

Opinion Polls

To include direct input from the public itself, opinion polls are conducted on current issues and their results shared to reflect the public discourse. The outcome thereof may form the basis of our future study. [Read More]


The core of the research at CMI translates into the quarterly publication of academic papers. These papers would include an in-depth understanding of the problems at hand, with dynamic policy alternatives that include recommendations from experts. [Read More]